Freekind on ‘Found Love’ + ‘Since Always and Forever’ [Review]

Freekind, a musical duo that creates soulful hip-hop/rap music, recently dropped a new track titled ‘Found Love’ that’s bound to captivate your interest.

Sara Ester Gredelj and Nina Korošak Serčič joined forces in 2019 to form Freekind. They released their first song, ‘I’m gonna live,’ which showcases their love for R&B, hip-hop, and soul music. They appreciate how these genres can bring joy and motivation. In 2021, they released their EP called ‘not good enough.’ The EP explores the familiar feeling of self-doubt that creators often experience. The EP includes a song that encourages letting go of negativity, fear, and self-doubt to allow creative energy to flow freely.

At first, they played with a band, but later they returned to being a duo. They perform live, and their music explores shared experiences that bring people closer together, like group therapy. Freekind’s music is both captivating and infectious. The melodies are moving, and the grooves are catchy, which can impact the hearer. They blend their style with influences from famous artists such as Common, Lauryn Hill, Jorja Smith, and Loyle Carner. They cover various topics, including self-love, coping with depression, multiple forms of love, and accepting vulnerability.

This year June, the gifted pair unveiled a 12-track debut album, ‘Since Always and Forever.’ ‘Found Love’ is the second song off the Butter92 copyrighted work. ‘SAAF’ channels the essence of the golden age of hip-hop while infusing it with a fresh and innovative touch. With pop, neo-soul, and jazz elements, Freekind creates a distinctive sound that pays homage to its roots while pushing boundaries and forging its path. Their ability to merge genres and deliver a nostalgic yet forward-thinking sound is commendable.

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