Sparxsea Has Found Her ‘Forever Love’

Portland-based singer and songwriter Sparxsea, shares new heartwarming folk music ‘Forever Love’.

Born Chelsea Toussaint, Sparxsea grew up in north Maine. With the aid from her stern parents, she oversaw love, vulgar and intoxicating moments. During Toussaint’s youthful days, she alongside her sister as well, embraced nature and its gifts wholesomely. Chelsea who fantasized on music, attained a dentistry degree along the line. She also made history, by becoming the first family member to successfully pass college.

In 2016, Sparxsea put out her very first song ‘Alive’, a pop-genre recording. ‘Alive’ later got a placement on the Dan Chaimowitz-directorial movie ‘Dole Mates’. By 2018, shortly after the loss of Chelsea’s mother, soulful single ‘Zen’ and a debut extended play (EP) ‘Shine’, gained quite some noteworthy remarks in February and June respectively.

Two years after (2020), in the course of Covid 19, Sparxsea worked profusely on her sound. In May, she unveiled two songs ‘Little Wooden Boat’ and ‘Chariot’, which will serve as the lead singles off her upcoming project ‘On The Sea’.

This year, Sparxsea’s most current release ‘Forever Love’, in a way, reminisces the life of her late mom. In summary, it’s a folk-fusion song that entails a stormy relationship, heartbreak and forgiveness. Composing credits include: Will Bradford, Will Holland, Jerome Deupree, Tim Reynolds and herself.

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