Getting to Know Author and Songwriter Stacy Schlagel

Stacy Schlagel is the author of Personification of Entelechy, a raw and beautiful collection of poems. Only recently releasing her first book, Schlagel has been a passionate writer for some time now. “I wrote my book during COVID because I needed something to do. So many people told me my poems sounded like songs, so it really was my bridgeway into music!” Stacy is also a singer. 

Schlagel is the owner and operator of Regal Recordings. Here, Stacy writes and produces her own music. Stacy says, “I love all things art. I write and produce all my songs and everything I do is for God. I love to inspire people and touch them with music or a smile.” Music is one of  Stacy’s biggest joys in life, besides being able to bring it to others. “I love to inspire people and touch them with music or a smile,” she says. 

Stacy has a background in teaching and law from the University of Texas-San Antonio. While at college, Schlagel enjoyed learning about web design. While there she created her own HTML coding and started her own web design business that she owned and operated until she graduated. 

Schlagel is also happily married and has one young son with her husband, David Allen Schlagel. When she isn’t busy being a super mom, writing music or poetry, Stacy enjoys traveling, painting and cooking in her spare time. 

Stacy plans to continue working and growing her brand, and has a secret project lined up for next year. She says, “I don’t openly talk about what I have going on next. I think it’s important to work and talk about what you have done when it’s complete and mastered, not before.” Doing everything for God, Schlagel fears no one and knows her biggest competition is herself. Continue following Stacy on her journey as an artist and follow her on Instagram, @shinestacyschlagel. 

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