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About us – Now Entertainment is a digital hip-hop magazine based in Georgia, established in 2011 by Tony M Fountain. Now Entertainment was initially founded as a recording studio & label imprint. A short time after, the newly found label created a blog side of the company with the intent to showcase other rising talent across the globe. Tony, then becoming a single dad, knew that the lifestyle of a touring artist wasn’t in the cards he was dealt and decided to do away with the label and instead focused solely on the blog content.

Today our writers are stationed across Canada, Nigeria, and the United States, predominantly focusing on underground hip-hop and pop music.

Brief Description About us

Founded with a rebellious spirit & clear goal: we want to provide artists with a platform without the constraints of conventional label structures. 

Now Entertainment is much more than a name. “NOW” is an acronym for Never Off Work. A name conceptualized one night while on break from cleaning a local bank, Max Trenton Taylor Henderson & Tony M. Fountain, riddled with poverty, conceptualized a plan to never be out of work or in a dead-end job again.

It also stands for never off work on ourselves through constant learning and personal and spiritual growth, among all other aspects of life, including the creation and development of one’s art/craft. Additionally, NOW is just that; it’s NOW!! It’s not tomorrow or yesterday. We choose not to allow it to define us nor live in fear of the future and what it will bring.

Mission Statement

To be a respectable media company renowned for creating a unique and comfortable atmosphere that empowers artists & to thrive while reporting the facts.


Mailing address – P.O. Box 271 Gordon, Ga. 31031

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Now Entertainment | Never Off Work Entertainment, LLC

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Now Entertainment is a conservative/libertarian-leaning media outlet.

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About us-Now Entertainment
About us-Now Entertainment

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Tony M Fountain is an Author & Music Producer born in Milledgeville, Georgia. He studied music business management at Fullsail University in Florida. He has worked with artists such as Nino Brown, Christian Vind, Shotgun Shane, Xpression the MC, Layzie Bone, and more. Tony has also written for outlets such as Rolling Stone, Forbes, Entrepreneur, CEO World, Medium, Grit Daily, Hackernoon, Goodmen Project, and many others. As a musician, Tony also goes by the name TMF Precha in his musical career.