NOW Entertainment


About NOW Entertainment

NOW Entertainment is a subsidiary of Never Off Work Entertainment, LLC

NOW Entertainment is a Georgia based independent Record label established summer 2011. An Idea publishing at ASCAP since 2014.

Company Code 1805078

Physical address – 220 Milledgeville Rd. Gordon, Ga. 31031
Mailing address – PO Box 271 Gordon, Ga. 31031
Phone – (770)800-6539


Control Number: 11057550


1420 Southlake Plaza Dr., Clayton, Morrow, GA, 30260

ASCAP Member IPI #  737416629


Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a unique, comfortable atmosphere for artists.
Our vision is to be a respected independent record label. Renowned for offering artist friendly deals & services for unsigned indie artists.
NOW Entertainment founded with a rebellious spirit & clear goal. We provide a platform, without the constraints of conventional label structures. We allow artists to be faithful to their heART’s & embrace their creativity once more. Belief in the power of raw independent music is essential. Manufactured or copycat artists who only seek financial gain are not our cup of tea. We value the freedom of expression! We give artists the tools that will empower them. The ability to make the music they love and take their careers into their own hands. NOW Entertainment is much more than a name. Never off work on ourselves through growth in all aspects of life as well as the development of ones art/craft. It also has a deeper meaning; NOW is just that, it’s NOW!! It’s not tomorrow or yesterday. We chose not to live in the past or allow it to define us nor in fear of the future and what it may bring. In conclusion it all started as an idea as much of anything does thus the name “An Idea Publishing.”

NOW Entertainment CEO Tony M Fountain aka Precha


Born September 14th 1984 in the small middle Georgia town of Gordon, a neighboring town of Macon, Ga. where artist’s​ such as Young Jeezy,Jason Aldean, Little Richard & Otis Redding grew up. Tony became infatuated with writing music around the age of 13. when a friend and fellow classmate introduced it to him by letting him read a hip-hop song he’d written. Soon afterwards Tony found a sort of peace from songwriting. And learned it helped him with anger issues. He was later offered a deal that would of put him on stage opening for artists such a TI & Rick Ross but turned it down. He went on to become an  independent recording artist/producer/publisher & blogger. Self taught in graphic design, web development, SEO, video editing & social media marketing.
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