Music Artist and Fashion Designer MarkyB Is Not Afraid of Being Different

Many of us fear being different. We feel like society will not accept us and end up not pursuing our passions. But for renowned singer and fashion designer MarkyB, being different is what sets him apart in these two competitive industries. MarkyB has taken a route not followed by many in the music industry, introducing a spin to pop punk, and alternative music. 

His unique approach and diverse musical background have enabled him to cement his spot as an independent artist gaining over 200K streams for many of his songs. Marky Bergeron, known by his artistic name MarkyB, uncovered his passion for music when he was still a kid. MarkyB was exposed to many musical instruments growing up, from piano to drums.

According to MarkyB, the experience of learning different instruments and music, in general, inspired him to take the next step and partake in the music industry. 

MarkyB officially started his journey in 2020. With the lockdown and the state of panic in the world, he found an escape in music. He wanted to distract his thoughts and began writing music as a hobby. MarkyB would go to studios with his friends, where they would spend most of their day freestyling. But he didn’t release any music until 2021. 

After lots of research and finding his sound, MarkyB released his first song Hollywood Whore in 2021. Since then, he has written and released two other singles, Broken Lies and Lipstick Stains which has gained massive attention from the public. In two weeks, “Broken Lies” has gained 54K+ views on YouTube alone. 

MarkyB also has other projects coming up. He says his goal is to use his music to show his fans that it is okay to be different as he redefines pop punk, and alternative music. You do not have to fit in; you can take a different path and still excel. 

Rather than creating something people are used to, MarkyB is putting his own spin on pop punk. He is altering how people view pop music and paving the way for other young artists who are afraid of being different. 

“It’s true, being different can be hard, and society is not that open to change. But that shouldn’t hold you back. Instead of focusing on what others will think, make yourself your own competition and pay attention to. What will bring the most fulfillment within yourself,” says MarkyB. 

As a young person, MarkyB has overcame many roadblocks both in. The fashion and music industries, but he has not given up on his vision. He is not afraid to show and share his story with the world.

MarkyB is also a fast-rising fashion designer. He is currently attending a fashion design school and is working on a luxury women’s swimwear line launching in early 2023 called Marky Swim. MarkyB also has an upcoming luxury streetwear brand/label called SiBilance. 

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