Yoyo Nagase on ‘I Don’t Care’ [Review]

Yoyo Nagase, a Seattle native singer , and songwriter, reminisces about his childhood in pop single ‘I Don’t Care’.

Born Masayuki Nagase in Washington’s subsidiary state, he grew up striving to embrace his Asian identity. As time proceeded, Masayuki began crafting an eccentric sound by composing and having frequent recording sessions.

Intending to reveal to the social media space, Yoyo Nagase, at full tilt, garnered over thirty thousand followers on the China-based short-form video hosting service TikTok. Recognized for live-streaming, Yoyo also shared budding clips like the ‘One Chord Challenge’ series Seattle native singer .

On ‘I Don’t Care’, Nagase dissects its meaning towards his upbringing and his reason for chasing music. Produced by AX.EL, the 2-minute piece, possesses composing credits from Ethan Ayaay (Pluto Koi), Rufus Sivaroshan (a kid named rufus), Tyler Thang Xue Xun (pretty havoc.), and Masayuki himself. YN’s forthcoming album will likely welcome his Asian individuality via genuine lyricism and thrilling teamwork. 

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