Julia Lostrom: ‘High Vibrations’ [Music Review]

Julia Lostrom, a singer and songwriter based in Melbourne, has released a delightful single titled ‘High Vibrations.’

Julia Lostrom, who comes from Zambia and Greece, makes music combining alternative pop and R&B. Her sound has been recognized by BBC Radio 1. Lostrom is a skilled solo artist who has collaborated with successful musicians such as Dugong Jr, Jono, and Otosan using her songwriting and vocal producing skills. Her contributions to their projects have earned her millions of plays.

Julia Lostrom has released a delightful music titled ‘High Vibrations.’
Julia Lostrom

Lostrom’s captivating vocals and poignant lyrics have deeply resonated with fans globally. The skilled vocalist has a growing fan base and constantly explores new sounds. Many people believe she will become a significant player in the music industry. Julia Lostrom’s dedication to artistic expression has gained popularity for her unique sound, and her star continues to rise. She will release a lineup of exciting singles in the coming months, so expect more content from her.

On her latest release, ‘High Vibrations,’ the song talks about the strong pull of wanting something and how it feels when you fall in love. It also looks at the different emotions that come with it. Lostrom’s song features beautiful synths, basslines, and sultry vocals that connect intimately with listeners.

With composing credits from Hayden Lauersen, ‘High Vibrations’ also encourages them(listeners) to embrace their sensual side, urging them to delve deep into their emotions and trust their intuition. The world eagerly awaits the next chapter in Lostrom’s musical journey.

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