Afta Hill: ‘NDZ’ Reflects Lost Love and Ambition

Canadian-Iranian artist Afta Hill’s soulful song ‘NDZ’ reflects lost love and ambition.

Afta Hill is a versatile artiste originally from Toronto. He has been developing his skills as a producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, and filmmaker since his teenage years. SAFAKASH, Afta’s beat tape moniker, gained popularity after capturing the attention of well-known YouTuber Casey Neistat.

Afta Hill, a newcomer to the music scene, released his first studio album in 2021 called ‘Tehranto.’ This album combines his childhood experiences in Tehran, Iran, and Toronto, Canada. Afta worked with Grammy award-winning artists, platinum producers, and talented filmmakers from Toronto to create a concept album. Together, they made eye-catching graphics that gave the album a vibrant feel.

Off his sophomore soul album ‘NOTHING nothing,’ ‘NDZ’ encapsulates the raw emotions of Hill’s journey. Afta’s emotions are powerfully conveyed in the song’s chorus through his sincere singing, which makes the song feel genuine and authentic. It’s worth mentioning that another artist from Toronto named Yarah helped create the chorus, which added more depth to the music.

NDZ,’ being the third track, depicts a powerful song by Afta Hill that describes a relationship that failed due to differing lifestyles. One of the lyrics in Afta’s music is based on personal experience. The lyric goes, “Get yourself together before you come to me.” This was something that Afta’s ex-partner said.

The track’s production has a seductive and captivating energy that feels thorough. Afta Hill was in charge of the creative side, producing the way and adding a sample and a piano outro. Also, the sound accidentally fell through using the microphone on an iPad. The unplanned recording was better than those made with professional microphones and was used in the final track.

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