RNB Next: Spaceman Della, Ronnie Lott, Julia Shuren, Cat Boyland

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Exclusive Rhythm and Blues Hits

  • Prouda You’ by Spaceman Dela

Joel De Villiers, known professionally as Spaceman Dela, is a Montreal singer and songwriter, that conveys mood for every summer. Growing up in a family of musicians, De Villers learned how to write, compose and weave musical melodies into vast arrays.

On ‘Prouda You’, the catchy 2-minute anthem track released in August 2021, is sure to have you moving and swaying with every listen. Go cop the new ‘Leaves Fall, Trees Die’ from Spaceman.

  • Best Friend’ by Ronnie Lott

Ronnie Lott (formerly Rated R), is a San Antonio-bred hip-hop recording artiste, whose music is heavily inspired by the likes of The Weeknd, Drake and Big Sean. Lott unveiled his debut track ‘Over Your Side’ in 2020, featuring vocals from Texas emcee Kirko Bangz.

Ronnie’s latest single ‘Best Friend’, portrays a story of woman who has everything going on for her and still craves for a male companion in life.

  • Losing My Perfection’ by Julia Shuren

Signed to her own label imprint JS Records, Julia Shuren hails from the prestigious Manhattan-core New York City. Shuren’s soaring melodies and creative songwriting skills, earned her a feature on PBS’ ‘Detroit Performs’.

Losing My Perfection’ is an anthemic recording, depicting expectations people encounter in society today, through mainstream media. Check out Julia Shuren’s new ‘Lost Sometimes’ with Italian duo WAMI.

  • Pretty Boy’ by Cat Boland

Catherine ‘Cat’ Boland is a Boston-native singer-songwriter, based in the city of Dublin. Discovering her vocal potentials as a kid, Boland’s music aims to capture a genuine female experience.

Signed to Rudient Records, Boland’s contemporary masterpiece ‘Pretty Boy’, boast production from award-winning Chris Garcia. Listen to her current: ‘Next2Me’.

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