Mindflip – ‘Exquisite’ [Music Review]

Quebec’s very own rapper and songwriter Mindflip, shares a new summer groove song ‘Exquisite’.

Born Simon Beland, he grew up living with Tourette Syndrome — a nervous system condition that causes people to have sudden unusual movements. Simon during his art formation, finds meditation quite influential. To him, it breathes life into composing introspective lyrical contents, melodies and achieving goals.

In August 2018, Beland commenced his career in music with ‘Everywhere We Go’. Over the years, Mindflip has developed his fanbase, garnering over 10 million in views and in streams. Reacting to his immense success, the talented emcee said “he never thought an old-school groove would attain peak results in a mainstream”. “I’m glad my achievement did re-activate the genre back” – he quotes.

Exquisite’, the latest track from Mindflip, is an hip hop summertime anthem produced by Soké. Composing credits off the record include: Luca Liberatore, Zacharie Raymond and himself.

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