Micah Banks and John Concepcion aren’t ‘Disposable’

Micah Banks, a Hawaii producer, songwriter, and radio personality, recruits Canada’s own John Concepcion for the song ‘Disposable.’

Born Micah Anthony Komine, the skilled talent grew up in Honolulu — between the Pacific Ocean. Micah came into the limelight with the aid of his personal dance crew. A veteran of his hometown radio, Komine’s first-ever performance gained him some awareness. He is a charismatic personality notable for issuing directives to the audience.

Micah Banks and John Concepcion aren't Disposable
Micah Banks (Photo By: Antonio J. Agosto)

A precursor to having a street squad and obtaining a midnight event, Micah was also fond of hanging out at Power radio 104.3 fm. Thenceforth, he swiftly became one of the buzzing on-air personalities in Hawaii. In March 2016, Micah Banks stepped up his music game with a debut single ‘Screenshots.’ It features vocals from his friend Tailz and Bay Area natives – P-Lo, Kool John, and Mike Dashe. Later that year, in August, Banks shared ‘Want To.’

Five years later (2021), he, alongside the former vocalist of the L.A.-based band 2 AM Club – Marc E. Bassey, delivered a soothing pop-fusion ‘More Than Friends’. In 2022, he shared two singles: ‘Easy’ in February and ‘What Went Wrong’ in October. By November, Micah Banks unveiled an 8-track album ‘Night at the Heartbreak’ to the world. The fifth single being ‘Disposable,’ is a 2-minute length song composed by John Concepcion, Kekaulele Kawaiaea, and himself. 

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