Jade LeMac lays her ‘Confessions’ in new EP

Canadian pop sensation Jade LeMac takes center stage with her sophomore EP, ‘Confessions,’ and the electrifying music video for ‘You’re Not A God.’ In this article, we dive into the release, exploring the EP’s emotional intensity and cinematic music video.

Jade LeMac, a Vancouver-based artist, defies categorization with her distinct sound. At just 19, she melds storytelling and music seamlessly. Jade’s ethnic mosaic heritage and connection to the 2SLGBTQ+ community profoundly influenced her genre-blurring creativity. Starting with an Instagram following, her journey skyrocketed through TikTok. By 2023, she signed with Arista Records, releasing her debut extended play ‘Constellations.’

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Jade LeMac’s first project gained critical acclaim and over 50 million streams. Meanwhile, her latest release, ‘Confessions,’ features ‘Got Me Obsessed,’ with 1 million streams, and ‘Grapevines,’ showcasing her creative prowess. Jade’s limitless musical range has earned her a growing fanbase and critical recognition.

Confessions’ EP features a visually striking lead single, ‘You’re Not A God,’ with a captivating music video. Housing six heartwarming tracks, the song captures Jade’s distinct ability to be vulnerable and powerful, creating a ravish musical experience that resonates with her ever-growing audience.

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