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Rapper TMF Precha & Petrofsky collab and new photo of Tony’s baby boy Thomas Asher.

August 3rd TMF Precha, aka Tony M Fountain, released a Hybrid Phonk remix of his sing G.I.T. by Petrofsky.


Igor Petrofsky is a musician and producer from Ukraine, Europe. Since childhood, he has loved playing guitar and recording his own songs. Petrofsky discovered his true passion for audio production when he first experienced working in a DAW on his laptop at the age of 12. This passion evolved into making instrumental and dance music, which allowed him to work with artists all over the world, taking advantage of the internet and also social media. Petrofsky’s music styles include hip hop and trap beats, pop, and r&b instrumentals that help artists make their own music. Petrofsky’s own project is going to include dance tracks infused with house and techno grooves.

Petrofsky reached out to Precha on Instagram and told him he liked his recent single. Precha was initially reluctant to respond, assuming it was another producer showing fake love and trying to make a sale. But the collaboration seemed to be destined to happen after a business associate of Tony’s that was supposed to be remixing his song flaked on him.

This turned out to be a great example of why you have to network and never know what may come about from a random dm.

Two days after releasing the remix, TMF Precha, aka Tony M Fountain, introduced his new son Thomas Asher Fountain to the world on Facebook this past Friday. This marks the second child Fountain has had since the beginning of the pandemic giving. The southern caucasian rapper a total of four children. He and his children, from eldest to youngest. Are Tyonna, Ian, Hadley, and also Thomas Fountain reside in Jones County Georgia.

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