Why You Should Know About the Rising Star Dylan Leonte of Dylan N’ Alice

Music has become a tool for many artists to make people aware of the various things they advocate. Most young musicians today write songs not only to express themselves but to share their sentiments about various social issues. The most common topic being tackled by many young artists of today is mental health. One of the countless artists to effectively convey his voice on this topic is Dylan Leonte.

Dylan started his journey in the entertainment business at the young age of 12 by appearing on a TV show called “The Big 4-0.” The show centered around Dylan’s family, especially his mother, who was turning 40 when the show first aired. This exposure opened his eyes to the realities of the industry. But also awoke his desire to make his own name as an artist.

Dylan appeared on more TV shows during his teenage years, including “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers” and a movie called She’s a Fox alongside Hailee Steinfeld. “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers” opened the door for Dylan to promote his metal band, which was in its early years at that time. In 2014, he chose Instagram as a platform to leverage his stardom by posting prank videos.

Through his series of prank videos, Dylan got the attention of famous online personalities Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani. Soon, he joined Nelkboys, which was the duo’s prank group, and found himself living with them for five months in Los Angeles. From 2014 to 2017, they shot over 30 videos, including the famous “Coke Prank on Cops” video. Which has earned a collective 115 million views.

After his stint with Nelkboys, Dylan took advantage of his budding fame by releasing new songs with his band Dylan ‘N’ Alice. Later on, he was contacted by pop star Beyoncé Knowles’ father and former manager Matthew Knowles to offer his services to his band. Dylan ‘N’ Alice worked closely with Matthew and started gaining global attention after a series of original releases.

During those years, Dylan ‘N’ Alice released their most successful single yet entitled “Lonely Hunter,” a song about domestic abuse awareness. The song ranked number 27 on the UK Singles Chart and garnered over a million hits on YouTube. “Lonely Hunter” received highly favorable reviews from fans who thanked the band for bringing a new. Dimension to rock music through the song’s message.

Dylan’s advice to everyone. Who has a dream is to use this life, the only one they’ll ever live, to materialize their goals. “Only surrounding yourself with supportive people and getting rid of toxic influences will also do any person wonders,” Dylan maintains. A man with a plan is hard to beat. So he encourages all the dreamers to solidify their plans as they prepare for success.

With many plans for the future. Dylan and his band are set to take over the metal scene as its new poster boys. He’s also planning on launching his own TV network someday, which will focus primarily on metal music. Dylan is into gaming as well. So this is another facet of his career that he wants to fuse with his musical journey.

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