PushAMZ Is One of the Most Trusted Partners for eComm Automation

PushAMZ is a management company that offers full-service Amazon seller stores all over the US. The company focuses on using a push marketing strategy to take its products and services to various clients nationwide. PushAMZ is responsible for creating stores, building and managing listings, answering customer queries. And managing supplier relations, returns, pricing, and account risk factors.

PushAMZ has teams that are divided into specialized clusters that focus on different aspects of the business. These scopes include product listings, product research and pricing scenarios, account health metrics. And customer relations management of Amazon stores. The PushAMZ team has over 100 members led by serial entrepreneurs Mac Ismail, Luis Millan, Jonathan Maxim, Chase Alley, and Stephanie Schuldt.

As the most trusted partner for eComm automation, PushAMZ manages heavily funded accounts, which consistently reach six digits in monthly gross sales. They have a very comprehensive process that enables every client to succeed through intensive collaboration. PushAMZ also strives to educate people on all things e-commerce through their social media pages, including Instagram.

Mac Ismail, one of the founders of PushAMZ, is an entrepreneur from Australia with a background in contract management. And infrastructure development. As the company’s chairman, he works with different government agencies, leads procurement, and handles international logistics. He and his good friend Luis Millan co-founded. PushAMZ in the hopes of gaining passive incomes for themselves and their potential clients.

Luis Millan currently acts as the chief operating officer at PushAMZ, bringing with him a rich experience working in the tech space for many years. He’s been featured in Forbes Magazine due to his success as a tech entrepreneur and has gained thousands of followers on Instagram too. Just like Mac, he’s a popular name in Walmart and Amazon automation, and they worked together on over 150 e-commerce campaigns.

Jonathan Maxim is another leader at PushAMZ who’s also a huge personality on Instagram and other social media sites. In Inc. 5000’s 2021 list, he was ranked 29th and was also in Startup Grind’s top 50 founders to watch out for. Jonathan worked as a marketing strategist for companies like Monster Energy, Universal Music Group, and artists like Eminem and Billie Eilish.

Stephanie Schuldt, known as Steph Lynn on Instagram, is a famous divemaster. And also master free dive instructor. She ventured into the eComm industry to gain passive income to support her goal of traveling the world on her sailing adventures. Steph acts as the brand ambassador. PushAMZ as she uses her solid social media presence to boost the company’s popularity and marketability.

Chase Alley has worked with some of the biggest brands. In the US and has founded several businesses while building a strong presence on Instagram.  He works as the brand ambassador at PushAMZ, alongside Steph, using his career in business development and also social media fame. Chase, together with the rest of PushAMZ’s leaders, hopes to help people gain financial freedom through e-commerce.

People can expect a more improved dashboard from PushAMZ in the months to come as it expands its customer base. Its leaders will be working with some innovative market leaders while it integrates cutting-edge technology into its operations. The individual and also collective success. PushAMZ’s leaders will no doubt be instrumental as also it looks to change the game of e-commerce for good.

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