Chloe Styler – ‘Girlfriend’ [Music Review]

Australian songstress and lyricist Chloe Styler, puts out new feel-good feminine single ‘Girlfriend’.

A native of Gold Coast, Chloe recognizes her severe storytelling in the pop country music genre. Following her first release ‘When Your Light Burns’ in 2018, Chloe muffles her listeners in a nourishing indie space. Three years later, she bagged a nomination from Gold Coast Music Awards for the ‘Gold Coast Music Prize’.

Watch the official music video for ‘Girlfriend’ below:

Currently diversifying her art creativity, the talented pop singer unveils new singleGirlfriend’. With her silk and heartwarming vocals, Chloe Styler holds on to a vigorous indie-pop basic, whilst conveying melodies with her soothing vocals and solemn lyrical contents. When asked what the Andy Mak-produced song portrays, Chloe noted she wanted a serious relationship, not just a ‘casual fling’. You’d have to date, to be referred to as a girlfriend.

Dating in 2020 was already hard enough before adding in the fact that the guys I found myself talking to were either emotionally unavailable, great at ghosting, or prone to playing mind games. I quickly realised I’m more of a ‘Girlfriend’, and that I didn’t want to waste my time with guys who only wanted a casual fling. The catch is though you have to date to become a girlfriend!” – she stated.

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