Toronto Actress & Musician Aneesa Badshaw Is Taking Over The Music Scene In Canada

Aneesa Badshaw, is a actress, model, musician, and creative director from Toronto, Canada. She is bringing the heat with her music and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Q1.) What was your life like growing up?

Aneesa Badshaw: “I honestly had a lot of ups and downs. My mom was very poor when she first came to Canada from Guyana, but kuddos to her, as she really worked her butt off as a hairstylist/bartender to take care of her family. We’ve moved to so many places and I’ve switched schools many times, until I lived on Weston Road Toronto from 1999-2006 then Mississauga in 2007, which is where I spent most of my life/childhood.”

Q2.) Who do you admire most in the entertainment industry?

Aneesa Badshaw: “I would say Dave East; his music is raw and he keeps it hella real. It’s also amazing to see him branch out from being a rapper to also getting into the modeling scene as he just got signed with “NEXT models”.”

Q3.) What was one of the most memorable collaboration you’ve done?

Aneesa Badshaw: “The most memorable collaboration I’ve done would probably be working with dancehall artist, Charly Black in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The fun part about that trip was experiencing their culture and food.
Also, the Music video I was featured in is called “Happy Zone”; which turned out to be a hit in the market, which made everything even better.

Q4.) A lot of musicians struggle with anxiety and depression. Do you deal with that too? If so, what brings you happiness to make it out of those obstacles?

Aneesa Badshaw: “Yes, I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for a very long time, at least 10+ years. But I can definitely say that I have been working on myself a lot this year. My first step was cutting off negative people in my life, and changing the way I eat as now I’m eating much healthier now that I’m having more alkaline based foods.”

“Also seeing the outcome from my career brings me happiness because I’ve put in so much work, and energy into it, and I’m glad to see progress.”

Q5.) What was the hardest part about being in the modeling industry and what would you say to other aspiring models that want to get in the game?

Aneesa Badshaw: “To be honest, you always have to keep your head on your shoulders, ignore the negative things you might see other people do and say to you, as there is a lot of jealous people in this world.”

“An advice to whomever is reading this, just remember nothing is impossible, everything that you put into it, is what you’re going to get. There’s No limit. Life is too short to give any damn what people think of you. Stay around positive energy always.”

Q6.) Currently what are your top 3 goals to accomplish before 2020?

Aneesa Badshaw: “My top 3 goals to accomplish before 2020 would be releasing my first hip-hop song and music video on Christmas day. As well as having my store/clothing line ready for the upcoming New Year.”

Q7.) Music is conveyed differently in all countries. What’s the music & entertainment scene like out there?

Aneesa Badshaw: “We’re honestly killing it in Toronto with the music and entertainment scene. There’s so many talented people that’s on the come up, and that’s also made it to be very successful. (Thank you Drake for putting us on the map, lol).”

Q8.) Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Aneesa Badshaw: “This is old school, but I’d say Juicy Couture. I absolutely love their velour tracksuits and the way it fits, I have a serious collection in my closet lol.”

Q9.) What’s next for Aneesa Badshaw?

Aneesa Badshaw: “Currently working on a clothing line, and also an EP/Album for the upcoming year!”

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