Theo Tams – ‘Limbo’ [Music Review]

Theo Tams, a native singer-songwriter and producer based in Toronto, reveals summer-filled pop single ‘Limbo’.

Born Theo Tyson Tams in Lethbridge (a city in the province of Alberta), while in high school, he developed skills to play and perform with instruments fluently. After some while, Theo took a break from university, to channel all his energy in the music scene.

In 2008, the 37-year-old vocalist went home with honorable accolades, following his win on CTV‘s real-life television show ‘Canadian Idol’. Fast forward to eleven (11) years later, Theo Tams unveiled his first-ever album ‘Give It All Away’. The 13-track piece which peaked at #29 on the Canadian Albums Chart, oversees production from Greg Johnston.

About six months ago, we reviewed Tyson Tams’ ‘Tongues Tied’ — off ‘Trilogy III’. Presently, a new soothing summertime piece titled ‘Limbo’, has been issued out globally for maximum consumption. Composed by Marty Martino (real name: Andrew Martino) using classical pop euphonies and sanguine creations, the track portrays a conscious story on swerving harmful substances that comes ones way.

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