The Musical Journey of Sam Silver’s Debut EP

Blending different musical genres can be difficult, but it’s a challenge that artist, producer, and DJ  Silver has taken on with great success. With a unique approach to combining hip-hop and electronic music, Silver continues to make waves in the industry with his exciting new EP, How I Hear It.

The EP showcases Silver‘s creativity, and his unique perspective on relationships. And how people relate to different scenarios we all experience throughout our lives. From the early stages of infatuation to the eventual heartbreak, How I Hear It takes its listeners on an emotional journey that will resonate with audiences of all backgrounds. 


Silver‘s musical voyage started early in life. He began playing the piano when he was young and eventually started DJing for fun. However, when he interned at Practice WorldWide at age 14, he realized he could turn his passion into a career. 


So when his song was accidentally chosen for MTV TRL’s Song of the Year, Silver got his first taste of what it was like to be in the industry and impact people with his sound and message.


Unfortunately, Silver faced a setback when his manager, Gary Salzman, passed away from Covid-19. Salzman was instrumental in supporting Silver’s development, and his loss affected him as both a person and an artist. However, Silver persevered and continued to pursue his passion.


What truly sets Silver apart from others in the industry is his approach to combining hip-hop and electronic music. He hopes to pioneer a new and exciting musical genre, and How I Hear It is a case in point. 


The intro of the EP is meant to relay to the listener how everything good must eventually come to a natural end. This leads into the first track, where A$AP Twelvyy speaks about the progression of young love. 


The second track, “Pacifistic,” is about maintaining independence during a relationship, having a good time, and not letting anything get you down. 


Silver explores on the third track how conflicted a partner can make you feel when you see them spiraling out of control. 


Finally, track number four is a little lighter, detailing how nervous you can get when going on a first date.


Silver’s EP has already garnered over 14 million streams across all platforms. And he recently DJed at Virgo, Kind Regards, Gold Bar, and East Berlin. He’s also opened up for Common with. Brian King Joseph at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and scored for the Cowboy UFC documentary.


Looking to the future, Silver sees himself playing festivals and clubs worldwide. He hopes to collaborate with artists he enjoys listening to while continuing to Make Music boundaries. As a New Yorker, Silver speaks his mind without much of a filter. And this authenticity shines through in his music.

Sam Silver’s journey to success is a testament to his dedication and unique approach to music. With his debut EP, How I Hear It, he’s creating awareness about his sound and showcasing his creative talents to the world. As a DJ, producer, and artist. It’s evident that the innovative Silver is also poised for even greater success in the years to come.

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