Pop Hits 2022: Maude Latour, Estella Dawn and more

– Pop Hits 2022 –

  • Clean’ by Maude Latour

Maude Latour is an indie indie-pop singer and songwriter from New York. The DIY songstress assembled a cult that spreads a powerful message of empowerment. Latour is presently learning psychology and political science at the University of Columbia.

The 21-year-old’s pop single ‘Clean’, according to her, is a ‘fascinating project she wrote in 2019’. “I first wrote it when I was 19, now I’m 21 – The difference between those two ages feels paradigmatic. I have grown and changed and learned so much in these past two years”. Checkout her latest: ‘Headphones’ on Spotify here.

  • Pretty’ by Estella Dawn

New Zealand native pop artiste Estella Dawn, often record songs about confidence and empowerment — reflecting on a diverse creative production. Following consistent release of music, Estella’s song ‘I Dare You’ charted on the Mediabase Radio Top 40 chart.

On her self-produced track ‘Pretty’, Estella Dawn talks about being empowered, comfortable and confident. Listen to Salt — Dawn’s most recent recording.

Hailing from Bay Area, emcee Israel McCloud fuses elements of rnb, hip-hop, soul and trap to generate a rare sound.

Holding Out’ a 4-minute recording produced by Skyyler, talks about the deception and sadness from former relationships.

  • Mental Scars’ by Jay Bizzy

Brought up in Essex, singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jay Bizzy, is one of the most adaptable music talents to emerge in the UK.

Pop Hits 2022

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