Live Streaming – The lifeline for your small business

For any small and medium enterprise, live streaming could be the Holy Grail to push sales to new heights.

Live video is not a new phenomenon. However, its momentous use has greatly revolutionized marketing.  If you are wondering where to start, new apps for video streaming spring up by the day. Traditional ones include YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram among others.

Users love the personal nature of the live video. Originally, live streaming was mainly used for connecting with friends and family. Today, live streaming can help to open the doors of your business to everyone wherever or whenever they are. Your customers get to be in touch with all the new offers, events and products. You also get to engage with them and understand their needs on a deeper level.

Live video builds trust. When it’s live its real and believable. The bad and the good is laid bare, and that is a fact that customers find appealing. Customers like to see the behind scenes of your business. For a record label, broadcasting a few lines when recording a new album can help create anticipation for, when it drops.

To get their juices flowing, show them how it’s done. Your customers would love to see how you pull the rabbit out of a hat. Take them through the whole process. That is the essence of live video in marketing. Give your viewers an exclusive insight into your business to make them feel special. Make it more informational than promotional, and you will be surprised at the results.

When it comes to social media, studies have shown that live videos get more engagement than any other types of posts. This is the perfect platform to outline product features and functions and lure customers by showcasing your inventory.
A significant percentage of digital natives are always looking for entertainment. Live video enables you to tone down the formal nature of marketing. By taking a less formal approach, your business will resonate well with a younger audience that form the majority of consumers today.

Better still, hosting a Q&A session during the broadcast can help to win your customers’ hearts and minds. It shows that you care about their needs, their feelings and concerns. During the session be sure to dish out detailed information about your brand and what sets it apart from your competitor’s.

Live video broadcasting also comes in handy when sharing events. It could be an award ceremony, a conference, or corporate social responsibility activities. All these events, if showcased well, can add to the positive history of your brand, making it an indispensable part of people’s lives.

Beyond that, consider broadcasting a live interview with an influencer, an expert or customer.  Providing regular expert information like this will keep you ahead of the competition in your niche. Your brand will be crowned with authority, and you will be relied upon as an industry trendsetter.

About every other business is jumping on the live streaming bandwagon now. This is a train that should not leave you behind, no matter how well your business is. If well executed, you can expect growth to unprecedented levels.

Tony Fountain