Jill Blutt Shares New Song ‘Heaven’

New York City’s very own singer, songwriter, and producer Jill Blutt, shares a new track titled ‘Heaven’.

Born Gillian Blutt, they started composing music as an ill-lit artiste. Jill, who also adores booming music along with late nights, crafted their brand in dingy artistry. In process of crafting new sounds and modernizing poeticism, Blunt fuses melancholia pop components with a touch of muck and mire.

Citing and streamlining songs from Elliot Smith and Joni Mitchell, Jill Blutt pulls energy from a vogue production backdrop. Last year (2021), Jill debuted with a 3-minute pop piece ‘Breathing in Manual’ in April. By July, she tapped Eben D’Amico for production skills on ‘Hollywood, MA’.

This year, their third piece ‘7 Seconds’ made its way to the world in August. Jill’s brand new recording ‘Heaven’, depicts charity, loneliness and trauma. Co-produced by Jill Blutt, ‘Heaven’ is a pictorial “anti-love song”, saturated  with grumpy finishes and pleasant edges on saccharinity.

I always prided myself in being whatever the opposite of esoteric is.” – Jill Blutt says. “My goal has always been to make art that anybody can see a glimpse of themselves in—whether they want to or not—as a form of emotional voyeurism. By translating a wealth of dynamic musical inspirations and nuanced sentimentality into fresh-yet-familiar modern pop music, I always attempt to simultaneously romanticize the mundane and demystify the extraordinary.

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