From Living In His Car To Going Successfully Viral, Chris Hosier Tells His Story

Growing up in small-town Anderson, Indiana with a challenging and destructive upbringing taught Hosier a lot in his early life. Fortunately, he was able to remove himself from the negative to a more positive atmosphere surrounded with great energy. He turned his life around for the better, which led him to the become a country rapper in the music & “hick-hop” game. In 2011 he released his first singles, “Crooked City Champion” and “Make the Hood Jump”. Outside of music, Hosier owns and runs one of the largest mudding events in the United States, @MudJunkies765. He’s excited for what’s more to come and ready to make more music for his fans!

Q1.) What’s your backstory on becoming a musician and what was your life like growing up?

Chris Hosier: “I grew up in a very small town that has about 3 stop lights, until I was about 14 years old. I grew up a very rough life as a kid. I was in and out of foster homes and in juvenile detention centers all my life. As I grew up my grandparents moved to a big city and I was introduced into a whole different style of living and began running the streets. As I got older, I had to do some time and when I got out, I had my stuff together and landed a great job and it all took a turn for the worse. My mother died of brain cancer and the following day my twins died.”

“Instead of losing my mind I went home and wrote a song called “Long Bumpy Road”. I went to a studio and recorded it and it went viral. I knew I had something special, so I quit my $30/hour job and moved out of my house and into my car to save money. Also  hurried and wrote and recorded a whole album and put it out, and it was crazy, and it’s been balls to the wall ever since.”

Q2.) Being on billboard is a major accomplishment! What were some of the steps you took to get there?

Chris Hosier: “I hit the ground running! Once I had the project all done, I made sure to get it on everywhere, so I could possibly get on billboard. I sent thousands and thousands of messages, but that’s the work you have to put it in to make it to the top.”

Q3.) “Gods Song” is a great track! What inspired you to create it?

Chris Hosier: “I was sitting in the studio at my house looking out over the lake outback asking myself if I was doing the right thing. Even though I have everything I wanted, and my kids had everything they wanted as well. I’m away a lot and miss out on a lot of things and I heard God tell me I was doing everything right. Sometimes you must sacrifice things to make sure others are taking care of, in this case, my children.”

Q4.) Have you ever thought about doing marketing?

Chris Hosier: “A lot of people have asked me that! I really enjoy doing it and it’s really dope to see things going up . When you’re putting all the man hours in behind a phone or a computer. I def could see myself doing some bigger things with the knowledge that I’m learning along the way!”

Q5.) Who do you want to want to collaborate with in the future?

Chris Hosier: “I would love to do something with Post Malone, Kid Rock, Eminem, Young Dolph or Ed Sheeran.”

Q6.) Was there ever a time where you wish you had support as an artist but didn’t have it at the time?

Chris Hosier: “My fans have always rocked with me from the get! Of course, I’ve always wanted to get more fans and make it grow more and more. I know it will come with time, but I feel like my fans have been rocking with me from day one.”

Q7.) When do you plan on going on tour?

Chris Hosier: “In 2020, I want to build my fan base and to actually go on a big tour, so it turns out to be a really good one. I don’t like doing things half-ass, so I wanted to make sure that I have a solid fan base before I hit the road!”

Q8.) What’s next for Chris Hosier?

Chris Hosier: “I don’t really know what’s next for me because it seems like things go from here to here. But I do know that I’m going to keep giving it my all till Hosier is a household name.”

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