Courtney Wolfe: ‘Sleep A Little Better’

Courtney Wolfe, a Kitchener native singer and songwriter, unveils new single titled: ‘Sleep A Little Better’.

Born and raised in the Ontario province, she started singing and working on her vocals at a tender age. As time went on, Courtney found true bond in music, following a passionate discovery for composing lyrical contents. In 2019, Wolfe released her first-ever recording ‘Missing Out’ — a track co-written by Justin Stowar.

A year later (2020), Courtney Wolfe shared pop singles ‘Bad’ and ‘Oh No’. By 2020, the talented songstress showcased her skills alongside energetic materials, on debut extended play ‘New Moon’. The project only features vocals from Trinidad vocalist Zachary de Lima.

In this day of age, Wolfe pens down a letter to herself in brand new alternative song ‘Sleep A Little Better’. Produced by Sydney Johnson, ‘Sleep A Little Better’ showcases notions on struggles, vulnerability, addiction and healing.

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