Bassey Ekpenyong Shares His Story To Inspire You In 2020!

Bassey Ekpenyong shares his story to inspire you in 2020! He is a musician, actor and is also heavily into the fitness industry. His two ultimate goals are to become more healthy & wealthy every day and for people to be inspired to do the same.

To live the life he wanted, he remained focused and built relationships in all types of different industries; which brought him closer to gaining more success. Bassey also sees himself as one with his fans, notices the importance of each supporter that listens to his music, that follows a healthy lifestyle and chases their dreams. When he goes on stage, he looks forward to seeing everyone vibe with him as he wants to create an unforgettable experience that each person will want to remember forever.

And this won’t be the last you hear about Bassey Ekpenyong!

Q1.) What was your life like growing up?

Bassey Ekpenyong: “Growing up as a village boy in Africa came with a lot of fun, sometimes bitter experiences and responsibilities that have contributed largely to who I am today and strive to be tomorrow. I grew up with an extended family; it was a full house, so there was a lot of drama and personalities to learn. Safe to say I grew up in the theatre, Lol.”

Q2.) When being in a film, which character did you enjoy being the most?

Bassey Ekpenyong: “I have played different roles in different movies, and I genuinely enjoy action characters. In the film ‘La’femme Anjola’ premiering this year, I played ‘Biggie’ and enjoyed the action that came with the character. Stay tuned for that one. I like fast-paced and athletic roles, you know, I have Hollywood action figure aspirations, Lol.”

Q3.) Who’s your favorite actor?

Bassey Ekpenyong: “Dwayne The Rock Johnson is my all-time favorite actor & Businessman. His life journey is a great motivation for me, as well.”

Q4.) How did you get your start in becoming a singer and songwriter?

Bassey Ekpenyong: “I always knew my life would also be in entertainment. God has blessed me with many gifts, and singing/songwriting is one of my favorites. I started writing poems and lyrics way back as 2003 and practiced with also older musicians in my community at the time. Since then, it’s been my thing.”

Q5.) What are the music, life, and acting scene like in Africa?

Bassey Ekpenyong: “Entertainment generally in Africa is still on the rise. There are extensive also lists of entertainers & Production Executives who are putting African entertainment on the map; the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Nasty C, Burna Boy, Becca, Tiwa savage, Mo Abudu, Mildred Okwo to mention a few. However, there’s still a lot of work to be done to decentralize and fully tap into the potentials of the African vibe and her originality.”

Q6.) What are three things that people don’t know about you yet?

Bassey Ekpenyong: “hahaha. Uhmm. 1: people don’t know that I’m a perfectionist, 2: I dedicate at least one hour daily to relax to good music. 3: I can’t go two days without working out.”

Q7.) Who would you like to collaborate with on a song this year?

Bassey Ekpenyong: “I want to manifest a collaboration with Ed Sheeran this year. So help me, God.”

Q8.) What’s next for Bassey Ekpenyong in 2020?

Bassey Ekpenyong: “The next level for Bassey is the sky. I have come to the understanding that my life in itself is a movie; I am enjoying the plot. I will keep exploring ways to perfect my crafts as an Actor, Singer & Fitness Executive so…Watch Out.”

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