Ayoni: ‘Vision’ [Music Review]

Ayoni, a Barbados-native singer and songwriter, shares new celebratory-manifestation song ‘Vision’.

Born Ayoni Thompson in the eastern Caribbean island, she as well grew up in different places (the States, Indonesia & Singapore). From pop to its indie fusion, this music genre has played an essential role in her art formation. Whilst composing new contents, Thompson tends to extract experiences; giving rise to a unique and spectacular sound.

In September 2019, the brilliant songstress kickstarted her career independently with single ‘Divine’, including ‘Malibu’. A month after, following a solo follow-up debut ‘Iridescent’ album release, her song ‘September’ got included on NPR‘s Heat Check, with aim of celebrating black people. The subsequent year oversaw some more singles: ‘Unmoved (A Black Woman Truth)’, ‘All Out Of Love’ with JB Stark and ‘Disco Dancing’ alongside Namy.

Ayoni quotes a variety of musicians, like Etta James, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin as top influences and inspirations. In 2021, the Los Angeles-based, retained her flawless lyricism on ‘The Patriots’/‘If You Leave’. This year (2022), Thompson made a fresh come-out signing to Ultra Modern Music — a subsidiary of Good Partners.

On her latest body of work ‘The Vision’, Ayoni interprets the tale of her existence in a clever manner. The magnificent extend play houses five tracks. Executively produced by Cole Mitchell, third track ‘Vision’, serves as a remainder to do what you know how to do best, irrespective of any situation.

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